Marcela on the mend

Sunday evening I started with a cold and cough, and went to bed early to try and shake it off, yesterday I woke feeling a lot better. It was a funny day yesterday, one minute beautiful sunshine the next pitch black and belting down with rain.

I got a load of washing done, and Marcela ventured downstairs, but took it easy thank goodness. In the afternoon, I had a surprise email from my step-daughter Janet, I had not heard from her for months, so sat down and replied to her.

This morning we were up early, and in Medellin for 9am, as Marcela had an appointment for a check-up and the removal of her stitches, unfortunately the Doctor was delayed, and Marcela was an hour late going in to see him, she wasn\’t there long, and he was pleased with progress, she watched the video of the operation, although I think she would have been just as happy not to have had the opportunity to do so…ha!ha!

From there we headed back to Bello, went and did some shopping, and then had lunch, before heading off to Carrefour, where I managed to find my orange marmalade for breakfast… doesn\’t take much to keep me happy!!! Then it was back home, but that took a while, as a wagon had shunted a car at a set of red traffic lights, about 100yds down the road, so it was a fair shunt, only one lane was open, typical, when I had ice-cream in the back.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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