Nurse Phil!

Yesterday was a long day, Marcela had to go into the Medical Clinic for an exploratory operation, so along with her Mother, we set off at 10am, she was scheduled for the Op at 1pm, but had to be there for 11am, she was told that she should be out between 2-3pm, so I took my E-reader, and was prepared for a long stint.

At 1.20pm Maria Elena and I went off for lunch, as Marcela was wheeled away, on our return, Maria Elena went to tell the desk we were back, and we settled down in a very warm waiting room. 3.30pm came and went, still no message to say that Marcela was out of surgery, so her Mum went to enquire, and was told that it would be nearer 5pm before she was out of recovery.

At 4pm I was allowed to go and see a very groggy Marcela, and then about 4.45pm I went off to fetch the car.

Marcela is confined to upstairs for three or four days, and then another four days confined to the house, she has been a good patient, although I haven\’t told her that! today, we have been changing dressings, and assisting her back and to , to the bathroom, although this afternoon she has even managed that herself. So I have been preparing meals, she hasn\’t lost her appetite… and washing.

It hasn\’t been helped by the extremely humid weather today, blue skies, and sweltering. I was told that the temperature stayed constant, someone was joking! if it doesn\’t cool down tonight, I am going out in the morning to buy a fan for the bedroom, it is like an oven.

Will my Nurse duties, run smoothly… we will have to wait and see, I have a feeling that as she gets better, Marcela will start getting bossy, that will be interesting!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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