Mother\’s Day Colombia

This date in the year is taken far more seriously than in other parts of the world I have seen… No bunch of flowers, box of chocolates and lunch cooked for you, or in the Pub if you are lucky!

The day started at 6am, with Fireworks and Church bells, not that it made any difference to Marcela she slept through the lot!!!

Mid-morning, and the family start gathering, lunch is prepared, and then the feasting begins, after lunch everyone retires to the lounge, and it is like Christmas, with no cost spared, everyone gives to any woman in the family who is a Mother, they are put on a pedestal for the day, as thanks for all their work through the year.

After more imbibing, and a thorough \’play\’ with their gifts, it is time for the family to gather round the table, and play games.

Because I am not a card Player, they accommodated me by playing dominoes, and taking my money off me. Ha!Ha! I thought I stood a chance, until I found that they play by different rules here!

6.30pm, and everyone said their good-byes and left, I am knackered, but it was a lovely day, and very different from my previous involvements in Mother\’s Day.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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