A quiet week-end at home, and then yesterday I spent the morning cleaning, and after lunch we headed off to Medellin, where we called in to collect my Driving Licences, as we approached the desk, she produced them, asked for a signature and we were on our way. On checking the Licences, I found that instead of the ten years I was told they lasted they actually state \’indefinitely\’, probably, because I am told most people forget to renew them… again… there is a surprise! Driving licences are obviously a low priority here, maybe it is because, with the number of serious accidents here, it helps to keep the population figures down!

On the way home we had to call at the Commercial Centre, for Marcela to send off some insurance policies to Clients, so whilst there we did our shopping.

Back home, I prepared a chicken curry for today, don\’t ask me what type,  it was out of a jar, and there was only one, and now we have had it, to say it was mild was an understatement, but it is something you don\’t find over here, and spicy food is a definite no no!

I had also bought a sandwich maker, so for supper we had cheese and ham toasties.

Today, I had to go into town to get some bits this morning, and then spend some time working on Marcela\’s new laptop. As would be expected, she had Internet Explorer 9 installed, but this was causing some problems with her work website, and when she had contacted them they said it only worked with IE 7 or 8, and to buy a new computer or go to a cybercafe… nice people! fortunately her laptop had IE 9 as an upgrade,  so with some online advice, I was able to de-install IE 9, while at the same time making IE 8 available, not ideal for Marcela, but needs must!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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