Day out!

Yesterday being \’Labour Day\’ was a holiday for many! consequently we decided to go out for the day, whatever the weather, and after picking up Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, we headed off for Santa Elena, which is about thirty minutes east of Medellin.

Medellin is at 1500m, and Santa Elena 2500m so as you would expect, we went prepared for it to be a bit cooler. It was a lovely drive up the mountain\’s windy road to the village. To describe it as a village is a general description, because, it consists of many homes and farms spread across the area, and although it is some way out of Medellin, unlike Bello, it is still part of Medellin. Because there are no clusters of homes that could be referred to as a village, an artificial centre has been created, which consists of a village \’green\’, surrounded by the church, library, local government buildings, a couple of restaurants, and food shops, also a children\’s play area.

Santa Elena is renowned for its flower production, which it exports in great numbers, although there was not much evidence of this. and in August of every year there is a big Flower Festival in Medellin, where international buyers come to view the wares, I suppose a bit like Chelsea, but throughout the City, not just on one site.

Unfortunately the day was pretty miserable, with grey skies, and it was definitely cooler up there, but still warmer than the UK! On the drive into the village there were a number of roadside restaurants, there are plenty of these all over the country, they provide good food at cheap prices, in basic conditions, so you know you will be sitting on wooden benches or plastic chairs, but you are not there for the ambiance, just the food! Also just outside the village was a big Police Station, a Monastery, and an Eco-Hotel!!

We had lunch in one of the restaurants off the village green, and after Sebastian had had his play outside, we set off home, in the rain. Much to my surprise Marcela, who had not visited here before, decided that she liked this area, I was surprised, because, she likes the warmth, and always talks of living in the warmer areas, but it is nice to know we now have other options, when it comes to house hunting.

This morning we headed into Medellin, and went to DIAN, this time we were allowed in, and I am no longer registered as an Importer… back to being a lowly Pensioner! ha!ha!  From there we headed back to Bello,
had lunch, and then did our shopping.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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