Passed my Driving Test…Ha!Ha!

Still not resolved my Bank problem, although for the time being I am using my UK Bank card, hopefully we will resolve it in time.

Today we headed off to Medellin, having been to collect Marcela\’s Medical test results on the way, we arrived at the Clinic in plenty of time, but by the time we left it was near enough lunch time, so we were forced to eat out… again!!

After lunch we headed to the Driving / Vehicle Centre, to apply for my Colombian Driving Licences, we were informed that Marcela could not accompany me, and that the Doctor spoke English if needed.

I was then given a long questionaire to fill in, mostly tick box, and fortunately I was able to read it with little problem, then came the nerve wracking part. First I saw the Opthalmic Specialist, who couldn\’t speak English, but at my request, spoke slowly, and we had no trouble communicating. Using my driving glasses, I passed with 20/20 ( I hate to think what they are without specs!!!).

I was then passed on to the Doctor who, firstly went through my questionaire, and then I had a reaction test, all on the computer, followed by a coordination test on a simulator, part of this involved braking time, but because I was cramped up in a small space, I couldn\’t get the brake to work, and the Doctor, did the test for me, saying he had seen me trying and knew I would have passed…  Following on from this were more medical questions, including my weight, I had to smile, because the Doc, knocked 11Kg off my weight!!!

Then it was back to Reception, and two minutes later I was informed I had passed, and would be issued my licences. At no point was I asked to show, or hand over my Spanish Licence, they have no idea whether I am safe to drive or not, it is quite frightening, and goes a long way to explain, why there are so many bad drivers over here. Anyway, fees paid, I was informed that my licences will be ready for collection in ten days.

Having completed this, we headed back home, which took ages, because the traffic was backed up in a couple of places, due to accidents!!!!

Whilst writing this entry, Marcela has spoken to the Bank, and I will not be able to have a current account or credit card until I have been with them for six months, to build up a credit rating, which makes sense, at least I have my UK card to fall back on for the time being.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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