A Bank with no idea

Yesterday, I went to my Bank to try and get some means of paying on the internet, because my Maestro card does not give me that facility, I started off asking if the Bank e-card was available, because you load it with cash, and it is a virtual card, which can only be used online, and reduces the risk of fraud, I was told they had stopped doping this, so I asked if I could apply for a credit card, initially they told me that I would never be granted that facility in Colombia 😦 , so finally I asked if I could have the Bank Routing number, which would allow me to register with Paypal without a card, but they said only a current account had this.

At this point, I was joined by Marcela, and after some badgering, they agreed to look further into the matter, and ring Marcela later for me. Marcela then went off to visit a Client, and I decided to walk home.

On my return home, I went on the Internet, and found that both Current and Savings accounts have a Routing number, I then started to research other Companies who dealt in reloadable virtual cards. Whilst doing this the Bank rang Marcela, who had returned by this time, and said that my online account would now let me apply for an e-card, and if I had a problem, to contact the Call-Centre, I went online but e-card was not amongst the options, so Marcela rang the Call-Centre, who said I could not apply for an e-card until I had a Credit card!!!

Marcela rang the Branch again, and informed them of the latest information, they now going to look into all the options at my disposal, i.e. obtaining a routing number; applying for a credit card; applying for an e-card; and or opening a current account, we have got to ring them again on Monday to find out the result. Not easy being a Foreigner, but we will get there in the end.

Today, I spent the morning on the computer, and Marcela had a lie in, after lunch we went round to Maria Elena\’s house, where I did a quick repair for her, and Marcela collected all her business files, now we have the storage space in our office, it was only fair. Back home it was all hands on deck, to get some form of order into the filing system, which was non existent, I was press-ganged into service!! until we ran out of folders.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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