It has been a quiet few days, other than going shopping, we have not been out much, because it has been teaming down with rain, it has been nice just to sit and listen to, and watch the thunder storms, but there is a downside to that…

I think the tiles have shifted on the roof, as they are not fastened down, and the other night, we went to bed, to find the bed was wet, rain having come through the roof, so at the moment the bed is pushed into a corner to avoid further problems, and we are waiting for the Rental Agent to call and decide how best to resolve the problem, simple really, get someone to come with ladders and put the tiles back, but that is too easy.

Friday, we went out to buy some flatpack furniture for the Office to store Marcela\’s files, the Store said to make it easier, they would deliver free yesterday, so while Marcela went out with her Mum, I stayed in waiting, and waiting, on her return Marcela rang them, and they said it would be Monday. So much for helping us, I now wish we had struggled to get the box in the car!!

Today, the family are coming for lunch, so at the moment Marcela and Maria Elena are busy in the kitchen, and I have just finished doing the ironing.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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