Banking problems!

Today has been another hectic one, we were up \’early\’ and had to go and meet a Client of Marcela\’s, while she was at the meeting, I had a wander. Then still not having a date when my HSBC Bank account would be fully up and running, I have kicked them into touch, and opened an account with Bancolombia, which is the national Bank here, there was no problem, once they decided that my temporary Cedula would not suffice, but they would accept my passport, on condition I took in my in my full Cedula once received… no problem!

Once, my Bank account had been opened, we found somewhere for lunch, before we made our way to Medellin and closed the HSBC account. Although the Assesor was upset, she unstood the reasoning behind the decision, however they had the last laugh because although it was a savings account, I got back less than I put in, but because it was less than the equivalent of a pound, I let it slide!

We then went to Pan American, an American import store, where many things are cheaper than elswhere, Marcela bought some more books to read, and I bought a new Office chair, as my previous one had broken, and was to say the least, dangerous! this time I have bought one without hydraulics / swivel, hopefully it will last.

Then we had to rush home, because had we been caught within the boundary of Medellin after 5.30pm, we would have been fined, as it was our day for \’pico placa\’ and no access between 6.30-8.30am and 5.30-7.30pm ! On the 23rd it will be even more interesting because all cars within the Province of Medellin are banned from using the roads at all, if caught you receive a fine equivalent to three thousand pounds, I wouldn\’t mind but the motorbikes/scooters/mopeds, cause more pollution here!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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