Celebrations over

Yesterday was Marcela\’s Birthday, and the sun stayed out all day! We had a lovely day, we went into Medellin for lunch, but purposely did not have dessert, because we then picked up Maria Elena from work, and went to an Ice-cream parlour, and indulged there! Not getting on the scales for a day or two!!!!!! Because it is Semana Santa (Easter), here the Public Holidays are Thursday and Friday, Marcela says, she wants to continue celebrating her Birthday, so I told her, that in that case, I will start celebrating mine on Christmas Eve, I think she has changed her mind!

More problems with my Spanish crates, the Shipping Agent, is totally incompetent, and appears to have no contact with the Shipping Line, it is a shame I had to pay in advance otherwise she would have to sing for her money. After emails flying in every dirrection, and Marcela on the phone until the line was red hot, she has finally accepted the crates, she now has to find a Haulier coming in this direction! I have sent the Spanish Company an email, stating that if I have not received the crates by next week then I will be going Public both here and in Spain.

Today, is stress relieving day… house cleaning! hahaha!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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