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This morning we headed into town, and first went to the Dentist, and informed them that I had decided to just have an extraction, and arrange for a refund on the payment made, after trying to pursuade me to have the other treatment, they agreed, and I have an appointment on Saturday, to have the offending tooth yanked out!

We then went off for Marcela to pay her monthly bills, I still haven\’t worked out why no one seems to use direct debit, but there must be a reason, because standing in the queues, drives you nuts!

Not much else to report today, so will write a bit more about the differences  between here and Europe.

Shopping for food here, is a bit like it was in Spain twelve plus years ago, it is hard to find anything not produced within the Country, Carrefour has a few imported goods, but apparently due to lack of demand  by locals, this has not increased much.

Baked Beans… never heard of them, Cheese, if you like Mozzarella, you are fine otherwise forget it, and in the odd Deli where there is foreign cheese, it is in tiny packets at an extortionate price! Biscuits, there is a limited choice, unless you like wafers, in which case you can find them in all flavours, Chocolate again a limited choice, and the list goes on, it has certainly cut down on my snacking, but not helped my wallet much, because I cannot find snacks, we tend to eat out more!!

Shopping for electrical goods, is a mixed bag, the mainstream items like TVs, HiFi, white goods, plenty of choice, because every house needs them, but the smaller items are harder to find. In Spain, I used a planchar (hot plate) to cook just about everything, it took me ages to find one, and then it was expensive and made by Black and Decker, Yep! you read right, I never knew B&D made kitchen equipment, but they do, I also have a B&D toaster, there was only a choice of two! I have also bought a vacuum cleaner, which most households do not have, they rely on a brush and a mop, but especially here, there is so much dust, brush it, and it turns into clouds,  settling higher up, so a vaccum is a blessing.

But as you will have guessed from past entries, my fascination, if that is the right word, is with the traffic, I have a vehicle mounted cam, which hopefully will arrive soon with my crates, and then I will be able to show you, but I cannot get over the horrendous standard of driving over here, and a short time ago, I found out why, you can actually get  a driving licence, without even sitting in a car, apparently you can just go on a simulator, and if you don\’t break the machine, you get your licence!!! it doesn\’t bear thinking about.

There are thousands of motorcyclists here, mostly on bikes of every description up to 200cc, and those that wear protection are definitely in the minority, many not even wearing helmets, and if they do, they are not strapped on! The other day, I witnessed an accident, it was at slow speed, where a motorcyclist had cut across the front of a 4×4 and not made it, but because neither the Rider nor his female Pillion, were wearing protection, they were both seriously injured, where otherwise, they may well have walked away from it. It is quite frightening, especially for car drivers, who have to avoid these machines buzzing them from every direction.

No one in this Country seems to know what Indicators are for, because they are rarely used, and when they are, they are never turned off after use. Traffic Lights are just there to give a change of scenery, with the exception of Medellin where there are cameras at the junctions, no one seems to pay much attention to them. Buses are a nightmare, I have previously said about their lane hopping, but they stop anywhere someone holds up a hand, even on motorways. What I do not understand, is why, when there are so many Police employed, nothing is done to improve road safety, it must cost an absolute fortune in Police Ambulance and Hospital bills, but there again, maybe they look upon it as some form of population control, because every day there are reports of traffic deaths… call me cynical!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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