Nothing Exciting!

Friday, and more contact from the Shipping Agent, for once someone is trying to save me some money, and I was asked to resubmit an Inventory and reduce the value of my belongings considerably, apparently this was agreed with Customs, because although I had declared 2nd hand value, it was a value used for a container load, not just ten cartons, I just hope they don\’t go missing now!

In the afternoon, we had to pick up Sebastian from Pre-School, and take him to a Clinic in Medellin for a follow up appointment, and meet up with Sandra who was going straight there from work, fine, except the heavens opened on the way, every bridge we went under was sheltering dozens of motorcyclists, and to be honest is was touch and go, as to whether I should stop, but balancing that against being run into by another motorist, I kept going.

Having dropped Sebastian and Sandra off at home, we went to the shopping centre, to send the updated Inventory by Courier, and eventually made it home.

Yesterday, we headed into Medellin again, I needed to have my wedding ring altered, it was far too big, and I didn\’t want to lose it, to our surprise, they told us to return in 30 minutes, and sure enough it was done. Then it was Marcelas turn, as she wanted a pair of shoes, but we both soon realised that this was a non starter, she is murder to go shopping with, and I am not the most patient person to take on this escapade, so after a while she decided that she would return on her own at a later date.

Early evening we had a visit from Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, and then we settled down to watch a couple of films.

Today… Cleaning! if anything else happens I will add an update later, if I decide to phone anyone today, must remember the clocks changed, but not here!

As I thought nothing exciting, the family came round for lunch, and then I have spent the afternoon searching for and downloading spanish subtitles for my english Films, so Marcela can watch them! until today, I didn\’t know you could download them separately, so much for technology!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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