Ups and Downs!

Yesterday it was back to the Dentist, however after an hour and a half working on the tooth, she stopped and took me for an x-ray, after which she declared that there was a hairline fracture, and she didn\’t think the tooth could hold a crown, but I should return today to see the other Specialist, so work ground to a halt.

Whilst I was out, Marcela had contact from the Shipping Agent, there was no date set for my delivery, and she could not give one, as she has not yet had Customs clearance, there was also a call from the Shipping Line to say they were sending their bill for Port charges!

In the afternoon, Marcela contacted the Immigration Dept, there was still no sign of my Cedula! So once I had received all this news, you can possibly imagine how I was feeling.

Last night Marcela again contacted Immigration, there was a package due to be sent to Medellin this morning, and she should recontact at 8am.

This morning, Marcela was up early as she had to be in Medellin for 8.30am, but she managed to ring Immigration before she left, and they asked her to send an email,  to which they replied, that the Cedula was ready, and would be sent out today, separately, and should be at the Medellin Office by Thursday… fingers crossed.

I did some washing, and hoovered upstairs before I walked into town, to my dental appointment, I was only there five minutes, the Specialist said that a crown was out of the question, and the alternatives, were as we had previously discussed, an implant, or a bridge, however I have decided that I will even up my teeth, as some years ago I had an extraction on the other side, and it is a gap, that has caused no problems, I will just have the tooth removed, she said I would therefore be entitled to a substantial refund. I have left it that I will talk it over with Marcela, before making a final decision.

Lunchtime, turned out to be 2.30pm by the time Marcela returned, so as I had prepared it some time before,  the microwave came into its own! After lunch, the bill from the Shipping Line arrived by Courier, and the only Bank it could be paid at was in Medellin… suffice it to say, it is now paid!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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