Busy again!

Started yesterday by ringing the Ministry of Immigration to see if my Residency Card was ready, to be told that due to a problem with the card Printers, there was a backlog, and it would be another two weeks!

We then set off to Medellin and returned the Wedding Dress, and other bits, at least that is now out of the way, and Marcela got her deposit back.

Then it was time for the Dentist, this time only an hour, and my tooth was re-installed yet again! from there we went to the Photographers, to choose 60 out of 200+ photos, but we had trouble choosing 60, because to be honest, he was not that good! however we have chosen 55 ish, and there are some beautiful ones of Marcela. These photos are printed on the pages in an album, not put in as individual photos, and more as a collage, they overlap, so can not be scanned, however, apparently we will also get a CD of those photos we have chosen, I just hope they do not have the company logo across them.

By now, time was marching on, so we had some lunch, and then headed home.

News from Spain, now looking as if I may have to pay more taxes, which I have already paid, so had to sit down and fire off another email, explaining yet again, that the properties were revalued last year, and taxes paid, if they take anymore money off me, I might as well give the house away, because there will be nothing left.

As for todays plans, back to the Photographer this morning, to have another taken, which will be Poster size, to be hung in the house. Then Dentist again later.

Photo taken, and then went to the Dentist, to find my appointment cancelled, they did not want to risk me suffering whilst on my flight on Monday, so delayed until my return, however they stuck my tooth in again!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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