Ups and Downs!

Yesterday, I went to the Dentist early, and was there for nearly four hours, the first Dentist prepared and fitted two temporary crowns, to replace my top front teeth, they looked lovely, then I was in with Magnolia, for a cleaning session, which she extended to today, but I left, with my mouth feeling slightly odd, as the alignment of my teeth had been corrected,.

On arrival home, I received an email from Spain, to say that one of my escrituras was incorrect, and would have to be drawn up again, however the Buyer wants to stay wioth it, and will pay for the work, if I agreed to deduct it from the price, and asked if due to the extended delay, he could move into the house, if he drew up a contract covering payment of all the bills.

More money down the pan… but it will have to be done, I have been told that enquiries will be made to ensure that this work needs to be done, and get a price in writing, although I have been given an estimate. I have asked to find out how long this is going to take.

In the afternoon, I finally met Marcela\’s estranged Father, my opinion of him is tainted, by the stories told by Marcela, however he was pleasant enough, time will tell.

This morning I woke, and nearly choked… one of my crowns had come off and I nearly swallowed it, it was only my gagging reflex that stopped it disappearing for good. So now, rather than looking like Prince Charming, it\’s more like Count Dracula, if something is not done, the Wedding Photos will look lovely!!! Good job I have another appointment this morning.

Update: I spent another couple of hours at the Dentist, and I am there again tomorrow, I can now smile again, and I have been given some special glue, should the tooth come away when I cannot get to a Dentist!

I have had further communication from Spain, and things seem to be going rapidly downhill, the whole procedure is delayed another three months, which is the time it will take to rectify the paperwork, and the cost of doing this is spirraling. I hope that there are no further unpleasant surprises.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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