Do not go to the Dentist in Cadiar!!

It has certainly been an enlightening day, and one that anyone still living in Cadiar should learn from!!!

I had my first appointment with a Dentist here, this morning, just for a check up and a clean… or so I thought.
I had been told that Dentists in Colombia took a lot of beating, when it came to quality and workmanship, but even this one made me sit up and listen.

Magnolia (the Dentist) did a thorough examination, then told me that she was going to have to undo all the work that had been done by my Dentist in Cadiar, and redo it, as it was some of the worst dentistry she had ever seen, and then came the hard part, this in total is going to cost me 13,000,000 pesos, or just over €5500,

If this is what the Cadiar Dentist is doing to us, it would be cheaper to return to the UK for private treatment! I had to smile, Marcela asked me if his name was Dr. Frankenstien!!!!!!!!!!!! That being said, I start my treatment Monday morning!

Whilst in Bello, we witnessed an accident on the main street, an elderly man walked out in front of a motorcycle, and both ended up on the ground, but the Elderly Gent came off worse, this time no one could blame the motorcyclist, as he was not going fast. There were enough siteseers, so we left them to it.

We had a call to say that Marcela\’s sister, Sandra was being admitted to a Medical Clinic, where she had some treatment a week or two ago, she has had complications, which need resolving, and hopefully she will not be there long, but we had to meet up with Maria Elena and collect some things, we then had lunch, before taking Maria Elena back to the Clinic, and now we are back home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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