All change!

We went for our walk, down through Bello, stopped for a sandwich and a drink, and then continued round and back home, it was nice to get some exercise, that didn\’t involve racing around shops or the city!

I was ready for bed last night, but Marcela was watching a program about two men, one well endowed with an appendage 33cm long, and the other with one only 1cm long, I wouldn\’t mind, but she kept waking me up to give me an update, as a result when she came to bed, she went to sleep, and I lay there, wondering if I would ever go off again!!  I was then woken by heavy rain on the roof, and it went on for hours.

Today, we were going into the city to complete wedding arrangements, but as we left, Marcela was informed that our rings will not be ready until tomorrow, so we changed all the arrangements and headed back to Bello.
Once at the shopping centre, we bought everything on our list, and then to keep the Natives happy, I bought a pair of speedo shorts, the shop assistant was concerned that I got the colour I wanted, until I told her, that an elephant looks funny in speedo\’s whatever the colour, that brought a smile to her face!!! and for those of you, who have requested photos… FORGET IT!!! it isn\’t going to happen hahaha!

Tomorrow, we will have to leave here early to be in the City for our first appointment just after 9am, as we have to be back for early afternoon, as Marcela is spending four hours in the hairdressers! I think she will be hoarse by the time she gets back!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

One thought on “All change!

  1. Show us, show us , show us. hehe…. Glad all is going well and that you havent found anyone to serve you a coffee with a smile like mine.x xx


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