Change of Plans

Todays plans went out of the window, quite early! Marcela was having her shower, when half the electrics in the house blew. Other than the shower overloading the circuit, I could think of no other explanation, the fuses had not tripped, and that baffled me… not that it takes a lot these days!

Marcela rang the property Agent, who agreed to call out an Electrician, and rang back to say he would be here about 10am. I then decided to mess! and flicked each fuse off and back on, and the last one, brought the electrics back to life. Marcela contacted the Agent, who said she would still send the Electrician, as the fuse should have tripped.

Sure enough he turned up as arranged, and after wandering around turning on all the lights, he removed the fuse box cover, and discovered the problem, the cables were far too light for the current they were carrying, and the fuse box itself was something out of the ark, someone when building these apartments had saved a few bob by using old stock. He described the system as dangerous, but as a temporary measure agreed to change the fuse on the offending circuit, which was 20amp, and he said it should be 40amp.

The local shop did not have the right fuse, so whilst I prepared lunch, Marcela took him to buy the fuse, which he then fitted, but warned us that when using the shower, to ensure that nothing else on the circuit was being used! I have told Marcela, that a priority now it to get some contents insurance, in case this place goes up in flames!

After lunch, we headed off to the Shopping Centre, to one of the Banks, to pay for and get a receipt for my Residency card, to take with us, now tomorrow, but neither the Bank, not the Call-Centre for the relevant Ministry knew what should be done, so we were kept hanging around whilst they worked out what to do, which they did…eventually!

Then it was to my favourite shop, to buy a hosepipe, so that we can wash the car. That done it was back home, and we are now waiting for the rest of our furniture to arrive.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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