Busy again!!!

Yesterday was taken up running around for Sebastian\’s Birthday, he was four going on ten!!! 

This morning it all started over again, we were out early and met up with Marcela\’s brother-in-law Oscar, and Sebastian, at the Wedding Outfitters, where they were kitted out for the wedding, and I just needed a waistcoat and cravat. Sebastian was hilarious, he caught the eye of all the women working there, and he loved being dressed up, and did not want to give his suit back!

That done, it was off to the Notary, with our documents, to enable the marriage to go ahead, fortunately it all went smoothly and everything is now in place for the wedding to go ahead.

From there we headed back to Bello, where we had lunch, and then did some shopping, before returning home.

Back home, I washed the car, whilst Marcela was doing some phone enquiries for me, whilst doing this, I received a call to say that my visa/passport had returned and was ready for collection subject to the fee payment, so we have altered our plans for tomorrow, and first thing, we will go and collect it, if a copy is not received in Spain tomorrow, I have to pay another months storage, on my items waiting shipment.

I then tried to ring my Brother on a new Voip program I had found which enables me to ring the UK at a cheap rate, but although I could hear him clearly, he could not hear me, and from reading forums online, this may be a problem I cannot resolve. I have sent a Technical Support Request, before giving up. If this does not work then  I have two options, one to top up my skype account and use that for talking with the family, which is not a great reception from here, or pay for an international plan with the phone company, which is not cheap but cheaper than not doing so. As a result of the problems I was having, Marcela, went on the phone Company\’s site, and found that each call to the UK was costing  six pounds a min¡ute, and three calls had cost me over one hundred pounds… Don\’t they know I am a Pensioner!!!!!!

Marcela is now in contact with the Ministry for Foreigners, and arranging for me to go and apply for my Residency card. Hopefully once that is sorted, we can sit back for a while, as it is the last hurdle. although this is just a formality now my visa has been issued, I have to go and get a certificate to show my blood group, I already have the photos, now I need to go to the Bank and pay the fee, before going to submit the application. Knowing the cost of getting Residency here, those in Spain get it on the cheap!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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