The fault list is getting shorter.

It has been a funny sort of day, this morning I did some cleaning, and then an hour ironing, whilst Marcela was working. We then had an early lunch, as the man was hopefully coming to repair the shower, and some other jobs.

Sure enough, first a woman from the rental Agency came first, followed by the Plumber, he sized up the job, and then we went off with the woman to buy the parts!!! We bought the shower head, because they were happy to leave us with a cold shower, and they bought the other bits needed. Marcela had the idea that when we leave, we would take the shower head with us, but now it is fitted, I am not so sure, in fact I will be happy to leave it!

On return home, the Plumber got started, he repaired the cistern, the leaking tap in the laundry room, and took the \’cold\’ shower head from the en suite and put it downstairs in place of the old electric one, and the one we bought he installed upstairs, but could not get it to run hot water… eventually it was found that the slower the water, the hotter, but that means a trickle. This makes sense because the heater is in the shower head itself, and therefore the faster the water passes through it, it has no chance to warm up. At least Marcela is happier that there is warm water in the shower.

Marcela then started working again, so I then put together a unit to install in the shower room, but we then found it would not fit in either, so it has ended up in the under stairs space, not exactlñy what we had planned, but it gives a bit more storage.

I then had a shower, and I have to say, other than the water being a little warmer, I am not that impressed, I certainly wouldn\’t want one in our house, I rather pay more and have individual boilers, or electric showers, but time will tell.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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