I must be really wicked… ha!ha!

I think that I was as little naive to say that there would be nothing to report yesterday, I should have said, there would be no time to report it!!!

Sebastian arrived at 6.30am, and he ran me ragged, it is long long time since my Nephews were that age, and I had forgotten how demanding they can be… Marcela, spent the morning in the bathroom, doing God knows what! but everytime she appeared she was doing her hair, in the mean time, Sebastian had found the boxes from the washing machine and everything else, so we had to build a house, and I kept being \’invited\’ into it, even though I did not fit! and then I became a horse, and this morning my knees knew it, there are times when I wish we had carpets.

Eventually lunchtime came, and we took Sebastian out for a burger, I was good and had a chicken wrap! Then we took him to the Kids Centre, which is a bit like a Wacky Warehouse, but in addition there are also simulator machines, driving cars, motorbikes etc. and Sebastian thought these were great fun, as he enjoyed mowing down Pedestrians and crashing into anything he could see! So to end it, we went on the Bumper cars, he insisted on going with me, so we had to keep crashing into Aunty, who I think was glad when it was all over!

Back home, I was knackered, but Sebastian was showing no signs of tiring, he was eventually collected about 7pm, and I was fit for nothing!

We had put out the rubbish for collection, it is a different system here, but it works, the rubbish is only collected twice a week, so in the house, you separate food from the rest, and keep food in a plastic bag in the bottom of the fridge until collection day, then you can put out as much rubbish as you want. If you are in a gated community you just put it on the edge of the road outside your building, then shortly afterwards someone comes along and goes through all your rubbish looking for re-cyclables, and then an hour later the bin wagon comes along for the rest.

I went to bed just after 9pm, and went out like a light, and we have got him again this afternoon, but he has school for a few hours, so it will not be quite as exhausting!

This morning, Marcela has started working again, so I mopped through, and then after filling the washing machine, I did some odd jobs, before starting the ironing, and there is plenty of it, because all my clothes that have been in cases for two months need pressing, so heaven help me when my boxes eventually arrive from Spain! Whilst doing this the Technician arrived to sort out the fridgefreezer, which had a small electrical problem, in that the fridge light would only come on if you opened the freezer door, he soon sorted it out, but then I was in trouble, because he needed the serial number, and unlike any normal manufacturer, it was not on the back of the machine, it was on a label inside, and I emphasise was!, because I had scraped it off, as it looked unsightly inside the fridge! anyway he got around it somehow.

Now I am just having five minutes, before we started a whirlwind of jobs, and of course Sebastian, this afternoon!

We went out as planned, and then picked up Sebastian from School, on arriving home, we could not unlock the front door, but there was some movement, so it was not a case of a key being in the lock on the inside, I was happy that the lock had shifted inside, and was bust. Marcela contacted the Agent, who said it was our problem, so we found a number and Marcela eventually had someone en route. In the mean time, Sebastian\’s Dad, Oscar, arrived to collect him, and he agreed the lock was broken. Eventually the Locksmith arrived, and agreed, so Marcela phoned the Agent again, who spoke to the Locksmith, and eventually gave the go ahead, we would pay, and be re-imbursed!!! It took the lad a while, but eventually we had a new lock, which worked.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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