No let up!

Marcela\’s Mum, was not very well this morning, and after an early visit to the Hospital and her Doctor, she was told to stop the diet, as it was not good for her… that has goaded Marcela into going astray, so it looks as if we will either have to find another diet, or give up, two out of three feeling unwell, is not good, especially when I have only been here a week.

The technicians arrived this morning on their motorbikes, and installed the internet cabling, and cable TV, all the equipment carried in rucksacks. I then brought all my cases round to the apartment, and after lunch, we brought some of Marcela\’s clothes round, then Maria, who was feeling a little better, wandered round, and after sorting out the rest of our kitchen bits and pieces, the three of us went off shopping, I bought a few more tools including a cheap drill, and a wrench, to install the washing machine, and put up some hooks, we bought a desk and chair to, so Marcela can get to work again, it looks as if I will have to get used to flat-pack again!!
Back home, and food in the apartment put away, Marcela took her Mum home, and whilst out, there was a knock at the door, and two men arrived to fix a faulty toilet cistern, the Boss, spoke excellent English, having been in the States for twelve years, and we had a long conversation, during which he saw the washing machine standing in the middle of the floor, and offered to fit it, which he did, and refused to take any money for doing it, well that is one job completed, and I didn\’t even break into a sweat. We pointed out a few small jobs that needed fixing, and he promised to return at the beginning of next week.
Then it was shower time… Marcela was first, and the first call was to establish that the water was cold,  there are two showers in the apartment, the en-suite is cold water only, the other, downstairs is of a kind I have never seen before, primitive, effective, and damn dangerous, it is an electric shower head, which is bolted on to the water supply pipe, and an electric lead, taken from the head, to the power socket, or what we would call the shaver point.  The second call, was for a smell of burning, the plug was red hot and the socket melting, so I yanked it out by the cable. That will be another call to the Agent, and meant I had another cold shower!
Despite these problems, the apartment is taking shape now, and feeling more like a home, it will certainly surfice until we are in a position to buy our own place.
There are many differences in culture, and some will take some getting used to, but I already feel at home here… I will describe some of these differences from time to time. One very noticeable difference here is how every one, loves, and wants to support the Emergency Services, well I presume they do, because so many vehicles of all shapes and sizes have blue lights fitted, front, back, underneath, flashing, static, LED\’s, you name it, they have fitted it, I think it is rather touching!!  Another, I have never seen before, is that milk is supplied in plastic bags, you can get cartons, but the majority seem to buy the bags of milk, you can buy a special plastic box to stand it in, it certainly reduces the space in the waste bins.
Well… tomorrow is another day.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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