Shop til you drop!!!

This morning, Marcela was up at 5am, to go off for an early meeting, so I ended up getting up at 6.45am myself, after breakfast, I had to hang around until 10am waiting to see if I received a call confirming delivery of the washing machine, as none came, I walked round to the apartment, and started on the final cleaning session, and sure enough, in the middle of it all the machine arrived.

Three young lads, humped the machine upstairs and started chatting away to me, so I asked them to slow down, which they did, and one of them said he spoke a little English, what he could speak was very good, we had a laugh, and after signing for delivery, they left.
I then finished my cleaning, and shortly afterwards, Marcela turned up, and declared that the diet was over for today at least, and so we went home, where I showered, and changed, and we went out for lunch. After which, things became serious again, because if we are going to move into the apartment tomorrow, then we had some serious shopping to do. As those who know me, will be aware, I hate shopping, I cannot think of anything more, that I rather not be doing. If I go to the shops, I have my list, buy what I want, and leave, job done, but not if you go shopping with Marcela! ha!ha!
Eventually, with two overloaded trolleys, we made it back to the car, and packed everything in, and dropped it off at the apartment before going home. On arrival I found that I was even more popular, because Marcela\’s Mum, had also been on the diet with us, and with the sudden change, she needed DinoRod, Oh Dear…!
Tomorrow morning is another early start, as we have to be at the apartment by 7.20pm in case the telephone company arrive to connect the internet.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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