Another manic day!

This morning, I spent time catching up with some clerical work, and then finished designing and printing the Wedding Invitations and envelopes, most of the work had been done by Marcela\’s sister,Sandra, before I arrived, we just had to make a few alterations to get it into my software program, and then print them off… all ten of them, because in Colombia, the Invitation, goes to the whole extended family unlike in the UK.

After lunch, we set off again to the shops, I\’ll be glad when this is over, it is a never ending job, starting from scratch, and shopping, unless for tools, has never been my favourite pastime! Today, we have bought the Fridgefreezer, Washing machine, and kitchen equipment, the first two are being delivered tomorrow, so it looks as if I will be at the apartment all day, it will be interesting in the morning, my first encounter with Security… I hope they let me in!

We then went back to the furniture store, and paid the balance for the items bought there, the bed and sofa are being delivered tomorrow, but the dining suite next week, as we wanted non-stock chairs!

By the time we had returned home, it was dark, belting down with rain, following a violent thunder storm, (which has not cooled off the temperature one bit), and I was shattered. So we have unloaded the car for the night, had some dinner, and that is it for today!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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