It is the same where ever you go!!!

After breakfast, Marcela and I walked round to see the apartment, it was still filthy, and Marcela said that she would not sign the contract until it had been cleaned, but it is in a reasonable location, with some nice views, in a gated community, and will be fine for six months.

I should have known better, nothing is easy where ever you are. We rang the company dealing with my visa, and I was given a one o\’clock appointment, on arrival, I do not think they had even looked at the documents I had sent over previously, and they certainly had not prepared the paperwork, so we were there for a while. I was then sent off to get a set of photos, and get all the documents authorised at the Notary.

I have to admit that the Notary system here is far more efficient than in Spain, and extremely quick, but no shortcuts on requirements. Whilst we were out, we went for lunch, and then returned to hand over the completed documents for my visa, but the Security could get no reply from the Office, so it ended up we had to ring the company, to ask them to contact Security to let us in!!!

We then went off shopping for a computer printer, but so far, we have failed to find one that satifies both our needs, so we will try again today.

Back home, I received an email, to say that the visa Company should have taken my passport from me, to have the visa stamp entered. Without going into detail, I have let them know, that I am unhappy with their service.

In the evening we received a call to say that Marcela could go and sign the contract for the apartment, so we walked all of two minutes, around the corner, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the apartment had been cleaned up, and will do fine as a temporary home, and I think Marcela\’s Mum will be a regular visitor along with Marcela\’s nephew because we have use of the communal swimming pool!!!! small but very clean.

This morning Marcela has contacted the phone company, and they will come on Tuesday to install the phone, internet and satellite TV, that is efficient!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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