Life changing…

I established that Marcela lived near Medellin, she had never been married, and had no children. She asked me, whether it was of concern to me, to have a relationship with a black woman, and I have always done my best to impress upon her, that colour is not important, it is the inner person. Likewise I asked her, why she had contacted someone so much older than herself, and she said that in her case, it was because younger men, were only looking for one thing…

The initial problem for me, was one of cost, because, I had used a sister site previously, and spent a small fortune, all contact had to be through the site. I decided to be upfront with Marcela, and from the outset she understood, and we quickly arranged for a phone call, during which, we were allowed to exchange details, and from that day onward, we have made good use of video Skype.

Our relationship quickly went from strength to strength, and I arranged to visit Marcela at the beginning of November 2011, I rented an apartment in Medellin, and gave Marcela the option of whether she wanted to stay with me or not, I am happy to say that she did, and that meeting confirmed our feelings for each other.

Whilst with Marcela, I asked her to marry me, and she accepted without hesitation, that was the happiest day of my life. We then started making plans for the future.

I have met all Marcela\’s immediate family, and they are both lovely and loving, they had been concerned as to my intentions, which was only understandable, but after our first meeting, I think that their fears were allayed.
It will seem strange, as it will be the first time I have had a mother-in-law who is younger than me!!!!

After two wonderful weeks, I left Marcela, knowing that my life was to be with her, and that meant changing my life completely, there was never any question of Marcela moving, she has a good job, and she is close to her family, I have no ties in Spain, and I can keep in contact with my family and friends in the same way as I do now. Also, it is easier for me to obtain a visa to live there, than the other way around.

Having returned to Spain, I started making the arrangements, and after a week, I was off on my travels again, this time to the UK, to see my family, because I have no idea when, I will be able to afford to visit them again.
My house was put up for sale, and I arranged a house contents sale, for the week after returning from the UK.

I had a constant flow of people coming to buy bits and pieces, prior to the sale, and everything had to go, I could not afford to send my workshop, built up over a lifetime, out to Colombia, so I will start again from scratch. On the day of the sale, I had many visitors looking to get something for nothing, and I didn\’t expect anything more, after all we all like a bargain, but I was a little sad to see how much my life had been sold off for. As someone said to me on the day, it must be weird, because normally such a sale, is after someone has died, not whilst still living, and they had a point.

However some good came out of the house contents sale, because that night, there was a knock at the door, and a local Spanish couple were there, the husband had been to the sale, and they asked if they could look around the house, after which they said they were going to the Bank to see if they could get a loan. I waited and a few days later the husband returned with his Father and Brother as moral support, and the bargaining commenced…

I agreed on a price, at the bottom end of my price range, but within the limits I had set, bearing in mind I had no Agents fees to pay. The next day, he turned up with a deposit, and we signed an agreement, giving 90 days for completion. Not a problem for me, because I had expected to wait a minimum of six months to a year before finding a buyer, and I have given a friend Power of Attorney, to act for me, so there is no problem.

To enter Colombia, I do not need a Visa, I can go for 90 days in any 180, but to stay in Colombia I will need one. After much research I have employed a company, to complete the process for me, to avoid any mistakes,, and I am going to stay on a Retirement Visa, I only have to prove my income, which I now have the papers for. Unfortunately I have to renew that Visa every year for the first four years, which means getting a document from the pension provider, but then I will receive a permanent resident visa on the fifth year.

I now only have a week to go before leaving Spain for the last time, it will be sad, because I always thought that I would end my days here, but I am excited at the thought of an even better life with the person I love, in a new country, starting totally afresh.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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